Cryptowallet Status lands in Argentina with messaging and browser service


Status is a decentralized mobile application that combines an Ethereum electronic wallet, private messaging and a decentralized application browser. Now, since the firm announced its landing in Argentina. They informed Cointelegraph in Spanish, through a press release.

„The app arrives in Argentina with The Status Network, which seeks to offer a secure tool for private communications, as it is developed under a blockchain infrastructure, promoting financial independence for all,“ the press release said.

SatoshiTango clarified that it continues with normal crypto-currency transactions in Argentina, including DAI

„The new application integrates the super wallet crypto with a fully encrypted private messaging chat and a web browser3 dapp (decentralized), which guarantees a secure way to access Ethereum crypto currencies such as ETH and DAI, send p2p (person to person) payments by contacting each other directly and securely through the same chat, one to one, without the need to resort to banks, credit cards or other exchanges,“ they later added.

Carl Bennetts, co-founder of Status, said

„Today’s internet infrastructure, like that of the financial world, is plagued by players who dictate how we can transact and even monitor our communications. The Status app is designed to protect private communications and allows full control over personal digital assets. Since the launch of v1 of Status in February, we have registered more than 50,000 installations, many of which come from regions looking for secure financial and communication tools. With Status, each person is the only one who can control their funds, and this is an exciting possibility for people in Argentina. We hope to convey to the Argentine community that financial autonomy is possible with the right tools. Our ultimate goal is the mass adoption of Status in a world where people control their money, not banks or third parties.

Buenbit discontinued DAI/USD operations for users in Argentina

Characteristics of the wallet
From Status they stated that their wallet is different from other electronic wallets, since it allows any person to store, send and receive Ethereum assets such as ETH, Cryptosoft and SNT (the Status token) in a decentralized way, allowing total control of their assets.

The wallet is integrated with a private messenger to allow anyone, anywhere, to send and receive payments in crypto currencies through the chat interface. „With Status Super Wallet, people can easily send payments between peers, friends or family anywhere in the world without commissions or banking restrictions,“ the statement said.

The wallet also works with the web browser3, allowing people to interact with dapps (decentralized applications), including DeFi tools.